Keno Live Is Becoming More Popular with iGaming Players Everywhere

Playing live keno

Considered to be one of the most popular lottery-based games in the world (the others being Bingo and Lotto), Keno started to experience a popularity resurgence in the eyes of the iGaming public. This “revival” is often attributed to the appearance of the Keno live games, which quickly became popular for providing a fresh new experience and immersion-enhanced gameplay.

An interesting fact here is that although the game has a history of more than 2,000 years, the first live version of it was released in 2014! In this article, you will discover some of the most remarkable characteristics of the genre’s different variants, info on the developers that have created them, and also some of the most renowned online venues where you can try out your best Keno strategy.

Remember That Live Keno Game Variants Provide a Different Experience

When it comes to visual setting, live Keno games are usually divided into two types – with or without a dealer. It is important to mention that while the standard betting interface for both game types adheres to the general look of “casino betting”, there are live Keno variants that will have a sportsbook betting interface, complete with a “bet slip” and a number of other features. If we put the visual differences aside, the majority of live games have only slight variations when it comes to their actual rules and gameplay. We have analyzed some of the most common ones below.

The Live Keno HD Is One of the Most Popular Titles of Ezugi

Ezugi’s game version has long been considered the best among players everywhere. Not only it is often hailed as being the first live Keno game in the iGaming industry, but it is also the first one to feature a real dealer.

Although Ezugi’s version allows players to pick up to eight numbers and place bets of up to approximately $200, both the betting limits and the number of picks will be pre-determined by the online casino that offers the game.

Keno LIVE by BetConstruct Is Very Simplified

If a player doesn’t want to be distracted by a dealer, BetConstruct’s version of the game will be the perfect variant for them. There are two main camera angles, both of which are focused on the ball drawing machine. By default, players can make a pick of up to 10 numbers, and if they are lucky enough to guess them all, they will be looking at a payout of 4,999 to 1. The general min-max betting range is from $0.25 to $5; however, players can also use the “x2” function to increase it even further.

Keno Classic and Deluxe by HollywoodTV Looks Innovative

The only two titles here that feature a “sportsbook betting interface” are these two Keno variants produced by the developer Hollywood TV. Although both feature real dealers and studio environments, the “Classic” version allows players to select up to eight balls, while the “Deluxe” allows picks of up to 10 balls and has winning multipliers and two types of jackpots! One essential feature that makes the Keno titles of HollywoodTV stand out from the others is that they give a player the chance of adding several “number selections” to their bet slip. This feature allows players to enhance their winning chances but will also proportionally increase the value of their bets.

The Software Developers of Live Keno Aren’t Many

Coincidentally, there aren’t that many software providers in the iGaming industry that create live Keno games, which is probably due to the apparent high production and maintenance costs. Furthermore, because of the complex nature of the genre’s live version, not many companies attempt to create such an environment for the players – which is why there aren’t many games of the same type. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the companies that empower online casinos with their live Keno solutions:

Ezugi Is the Original Pioneer of Live Keno

This developer’s specialty includes classics such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and poker. Additionally, the developer also excels at offering rare games such as Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Lucky 7, and others. Ezugi is known to constantly improve its software, which explains why only after a few years of their first live Keno release, the developer completely updated its design and re-released it with significant success.

HollywoodTV Is Taking the “Television Show” Approach

This company stands out among all others with its “television show” approach, which is applied to nearly all of its games. Dedicated majorly to producing “game show” and lottery-based casino titles, HollywoodTV offers remarkable gambling solutions such as Wheel Bet, Spin 2 Wheels, War of Elements, Backgammon, Super 7, and quite a few others. Banking heavily on “gameplay immersion”, HollywoodTV’s software gaming products are known to provide some of the best player experience in the industry.

BetConstruct Is a Proven Veteran in the iGaming Industry

Although this company has been in the industry for nearly two decades, they started offering their live casino version of the game relatively recently.

Praised for its simplistic design and quality of its live dealer titles, BetConstruct delivers classic casino games and superb sportsbook solutions, which are sought after by operators and players worldwide.

MOHIO Sports Is an Ambitious Newcomer

As one of the most interesting software developers on our list, MOHIO Sports is an Austrian software developing company that provides online gambling establishments with virtual sports solutions, such as car racing, darts, horse racing, virtual Keno, and many other games. What our experts managed to learn is that MOHIO is currently developing its first-ever live Keno game, which is rumored to feature a real dealer, and it is said to be released somewhere in 2021!

Casinos Where You Can Play Live Keno Online Can Be a Bit Exclusive

Although the quality of Keno live games is quite high, this particular genre is considered to be quite rare in the iGaming industry. If you do wish to try out your best Keno strategies, you should consider visiting online casinos such as Vbet, Timberazo, Gamebet, and others as well. One of the greatest advantages when you play live Keno online, is the pace – hosting the game will take a few minutes between each round, allowing players more time to think about their next selection of numbers.

Additionally, when compared to the RNG versions of the genre, its live casino counterpart relies on the physical interaction between the machine and the balls, which only enhances the “genuineness” of the overall gaming experience. If you come across one of the game versions mentioned above, we recommend you try one out – you might enjoy it better than the RNG alternatives that exist today!


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