Cleopatra Keno

As we have repeatedly mentioned, generous payouts in keno are not something out of the ordinary, and Cleopatra keno comes to prove that statement. In brief, it is a keno variation gaining more and more popular among online casino players. What makes it different from the other keno variations? Well, the first thing is that the Cleo is very easy to learn. You don’t need to adopt a complex strategy or make complicated estimates. In Cleopatra keno, you just go with the flow and enjoy high earnings. Now, let’s discuss this keno variation in detail so that you can make an educated choice the next time you wonder whether trying a Cleo machine is worth it or not.

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How to Play Cleopatra Keno?

Unfortunately, most online casinos are yet to offer Cleopatra keno. Don’t get us wrong, you can find some online gambling hubs where it is available, but for the time being, it seems to be more widespread at land-based casinos. Still, there are real money apps you can download and install on your smartphone or tablet. The game is fun to play, and at the same time, it comes with all benefits players may think of. As a matter of fact, this is the most suitable variation for newbies who want to learn how to play keno and win.

Cleopatra Keno Is More Widespread at Land-Based Casinos

The Cleo is played on the same principle as the lottery. All you have to do is to place your bet and mark your numbers. Then, the random number generator will pick the winning numbers, and you have to check your payout in the paytable. What makes Cleopatra keno stand out from the other variations is the generous bonus scheme. You can get up to 12 free games with double payouts.

Although developers of gambling software put a lot of efforts into making every game eye-catching, you should not expect any mind-blowing graphics in Cleopatra keno. However, if you are more focused on the incentives and big wins rather than on animations and sounds, this is an option to consider. The truth is that you can hardly find another keno variation that is so generous in terms of bonuses. Just think about it - 12 free games means 12 more chances to become the next millionaire. And the best of all is that you can achieve that with a modest bankroll.

Of course, it would be unrealistic to say that you will generate substantial winnings out of every game you take part in. In keno, persistence is the key to success. You never know when the game will be in a generous mood and you definitely don’t want to become caught up in that woulda, shoulda, coulda win situations. However, it is important to develop a habit of evaluating the risks Cleo poses to your bankroll. To help you avoid disappointment and major losses, we have compiled a list of the most important factors that can be the difference between a remarkable win and frustrating fails.

Cleopatra Keno Winning Guide

Mind Your Keno Playing Strategy

As we mentioned, you never know when Lady Luck will smile on you. That’s why your utmost goal should be prolonging your gambling session without exceeding your betting limit. “It is easier said than done” - some of you would say. Well, it is not that difficult provided that you find the balance between placing a bet you can afford and making a certain number of selections. The more numbers you pick, the higher the minimum bet becomes. Experienced players can confirm that marking 5-9 numbers works best.

Do Not Exceed Your Limits

Cleopatra Keno Guide

No matter if you are a huge fan of keno, Baccarat or Roulette, you must have had your bad days when odds were not in your favor or you have ridden out a bad machine. As a result, the losses damaged your bankroll and you found yourself both angry and disappointed. To avoid such an unpleasant experience in future, you’d better set a loss limit and adjust your playing strategy accordingly. If you have set aside one hour for playing keno, you can freely drop a 20-dollar bill per every move. However, if you are planning to spend some more time playing, you should totally rethink your betting strategy and stop playing as soon as you approach your loss limit. Although the secret to big wins lies in persistence and the well-thought-out strategy, some machines simply do not pay very often. If you suspect you have stumbled upon a bad machine, move to another one before you cause significant damages to your bankroll.

How to Recognize Hot Cleo Machines?

If you notice that a Cleopatra keno machine is paying out small, but regular winnings, it might be warming up. In this case, you’d better increase your bet and speed up the draw sequence. (Most machines allow you to adjust the speed control and speed up or slow down the draw sequence).

Don’t Change Your Numbers Too Often

There is not a foolproof keno strategy, but skilled players say that the frequent change of the numbers you play with does more harm than good. Sticking to the same numbers is one of the keno strategies employed by hundreds of players, and it is believed to improve your odds of winning.

Playing Cleopatra keno online or at a land-based casino is always associated with a lot of fun. We have to admit that Caveman Keno might have superior graphics, but nothing beats the 12 free spins Cleo gives you. The tips outlined above will undoubtedly help you polish your keno playing skills, but nothing can help you more than being in the right place at the right time. A stroke of luck and coherent strategy is all you need to come out ahead.