Mobile Keno - What Games to Expect for Your Smartphone or Tablet

Although Keno is considered to being one of the most popular games offered by online casinos, the availability of the genre’s mobile game versions can be classified as a “rare occurrence”. Despite the somewhat difficult way to find mobile versions of the game, there are some gems out there that are worth analyzing. On this page, we have described not only the most notable mobile Keno games that exist today but also their most remarkable features, differences, and the best places where to find them.

There Are Two General Keno Mobile Variations

All mobile Keno games are usually split into two major types – instant and downloadable. Given the fact that this lottery game is rarely optimized for mobile play, real money Keno games are fewer than their “free play” counterparts. Each of these mobile types have their own benefits and drawbacks, but when it comes to playability, there is little to no difference. We have elaborated further in the following paragraphs.

How Does a Keno Mobile App Compare to PC Versions of the Game?

The games that come in “app form” are known to run better simply because they store most of the game’s resources on a player’s device. The truth is that there aren’t really any significant differences between the mobile and pc versions of the game. The only thing that is more notable to mention is the design of the game’s user interface. For mobile platforms, gaming controls are made to accommodate a player’s natural hand position, which means they are either centered (for “portrait” device orientation) or positioned on the sides of a smartphone (for “landscape” orientation).

Finding a keno mobile app is much easier than you think! Both the Android and iOS app marketplaces are teeming with different variants of the game, although you should note that the majority of them can only be played only for fun. Whether you’re looking in Google Play Store or Apple App Store, finding a real money app is considered to be next to impossible. The most common way to play mobile Keno for real money is via your smartphone’s browser.

The General Rules for All Mobile Keno Games Are the Same

Regardless of the software developer that made them, titles of the genre will have pretty much identical rules. Nearly all of the currently available versions of the game allow a selection of up to 10 numbers, giving a chance to players to test out their best Keno strategies. The payout tables will differ, of course; however, they won’t deviate from the industry established standards, even in the best mobile Keno casinos.

When it comes to winning limits, the majority of these lottery-type games seem to have a maximum payout amount of around $50,000 (or equivalent in other currency) for a successful “ten out of ten” number prediction. Many players often wonder if putting a winnings cap is a great idea; however, there is a “method to the madness”. We should also mention that such limits are generally present in those versions of the game that have additional functions and (or) bonus features (such as additional bonus symbol, extra balls, etc.) You can take a look at some of our game examples below and decide if they will be viable for implementing your best Keno strategy.

Multiple Wagering with Inbet Keno
Inbet Keno

One of the most interesting features of this Inbet mobile version is that a player can make up to 50 draws on a single selection of numbers, which are played consecutively one after the other. Due to the fact that this particular game cycles through different rounds at a period of 90 seconds, players will have enough time to make their preferred selections. On the other hand, when compared to other games on our list, Inbet’s game is considered to have a slower pace, specifically because it operates with “timed rounds”.

The Bonus Features of Grand Vision’s Version
GVG keno

“Luck of the Bonus” is another game that is meant to appeal to the player. Created by the company Grand Vision Gaming (GVG), this Keno title comes with quite a few extras and challenges. Allowing a selection of 10 numbers as well, this version of the game also has three types of lucky bonus symbols (the clover, the horseshoe, and the star), which provide additional bonuses. If a player lands three bonus symbols, the game will guarantee a winning selection of six numbers, along with a winning multiplier on top.

Neogames Offers Classic and Modern Versions of the Game
Neogames Keno Multiplier

Although considered to be the most “standard” version from our list of examples, Keno Blast is also one of the most played variants to this day. Created by the company Neogames, this title impresses not only with its simplicity but also with the quality of its mobile optimization. On the other side of the spectrum, “Instant Keno Multiplier”, another title from Neogames has a multiplier symbol feature, which gives players the chance to score up to ten times their winnings if they are lucky enough to land three “star” symbols.

The Software Developers of Mobile Keno Games

While quite a few software developers produce games of this lottery genre, only a few of them have managed to introduce fully working mobile versions of it. So far, the most known companies to introduce real money Keno to a player’s mobile phone are the companies Pragmatic Play, Real Time Gaming (RTG), Grand Vision Gaming, Section 8 Studio, and quite a few others. Here is a short summary of the software developers that stand out with their mobile Keno titles.

Pragmatic Play
Pragmatic Play software developer of mobile keno

Pragmatic Play was established in 2015 and quickly became famous by offering a full multitude of online casino gaming products. In addition to Keno, Pragmatic Play specializes in the creation of slots, bingo games, and live dealer solutions.

Realtime Gaming
RealTime Gaming software developer of mobile keno

Realtime Gaming is known as one of the first online casino software developers in the industry and is renowned for its vast collection of slots and online table games.

Grand Vision Gaming
Grand Vision Gaming software developer of mobile keno

Grand Vision Gaming is a USA-based software developer that is renowned for its number of lottery games. They have created more than 30 titles of the genre, every one of which impresses with its unique visual theme.

Section 8 Studio

Section 8 Studio is the in-house software developing division of the gambling brand 888. Renowned for their “complete” online gambling solutions portfolio, 888’s Section 8 has also made a few Keno games.

Finding the Best Mobile Keno Casinos

We should mention that finding an online casino where players can experience mobile Keno games can be a bit challenging due to several factors. The first and perhaps the most important one is that the majority of all Keno titles meant for instant online play are created with the Flash software development platform, which isn’t quite known for its compatibility with mobile operating systems. On the other hand, the games we’ve listed on this page have their standalone HTML versions, which means they will be more than accessible when it comes to opening them with any modern smartphone or a tablet.

Although Keno is a popular lottery-type genre, the truth is that it isn’t that widely spread among online casinos, which is why only a handful of them offer the game. Even fewer gambling establishments actually offer versions of the game that are properly optimized for real money play. With that said, some of the best mobile keno casinos are venues such as Casino Luck, Karamba Casino, VIP Casino, 888casino, and quite a few others. The general rule of thumb is that mobile Keno for free play is easy to find – it is the real money versions of the game that are hard to come by. If you do manage to come across the real deal, it would be much more exciting to play!


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