Video Keno

Everyone who has ever been affected by the video keno fever can confirm that the game offers the unparalleled thrill and amazing profits. Although keno profitability has been a controversial question, those who know how to win at video keno claim that the key to huge payouts lies in employing a proper strategy and being persistent in following it.

It seems online keno games do not make the video keno terminals less popular. If you are planning a getaway to a land-based casino or you are regularly trying your luck at the video keno machines at the local pub, take a look at the following video keno tips and figure out which of them best correspond to your playing technique.

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Video Keno vs. Live Keno. What’s the Difference?

Before we proceed to the introduction of the best video keno strategy, let’s clarify the difference between live keno and video keno and why should you choose to play at a video keno machine rather than taking part in “live” drawings.

Difference Between Live and Video Keno Explained

Mathematically speaking, you cannot take part in more than 12 live keno games per hour. Every player needs to write up his or her tickets. In addition, players are given some time to complete their rounds, which considerably decreases the number of rounds you can play. Needless to say, the more games you play, the higher your chances of turning a profit are. In this respect, it would not be excessive to say that live keno games somehow deter you from winning a huge jackpot. If you are not among the most patient players, you can lose your enthusiasm while waiting for the next draw.

On the other hand, video keno machines allow you to play at your own pace. You can play up to 10 games per minute, which makes up to 60 games per hour or 60 chances of becoming the next millionaire. You can adjust your video keno strategy and pick your odds by playing for a big prize or grinding towards smaller but frequent payouts. Even if you do not get a massive payout, walking away with more money than you had when you started playing means you know how to win at video keno and hitting a larger amount is just a matter of time.

How to Play Video Keno

Playing video keno is easy. Learning how to win is the more difficult part. In brief, video keno machines have different denominations. No matter if you want to bet a few pennies or your bankroll allows you to place bigger wagers, you will find a machine that meets your demands. Also, there are multi-card games such as 20 card keno or four card keno. Experienced players swear that these variations can immensely boost your chances of turning a profit provided that you bet max on all the cards.

As the land-based gambling sector is struggling to keep up with the fast development of the online gambling segment, manufacturers of video keno machines have added some fancy features. The latest terminals allow you to include bonus numbers in your game and offer different methods for winning a jackpot. On the downside, the paytables are a bit different from those of the standard games. Still, if you want to have fun while playing a contemporary video keno game, you will have to put up with this slight disadvantage. As for the payouts, they greatly vary from machine to machine. That’s why you’d better check what’s the maximum payoff for your coins before you place a wager.

Video Keno Game Guide

When you sit at the video keno machine, you have to pick up your numbers. When you are ready, you need to push the start button. Then, the machine will select 20 random numbers. Those that match your picks will light up. Depending on how many numbers you have caught, you get the reward, outlined in the paytable.

Then, you can either erase your numbers and pick new ones or continue playing with the same numbers. By the way, playing with the same numbers is an effective video keno strategy, used by players who have already won a life-changing amount of money.

Apart from the video keno machines offering a fixed jackpot, you should try your luck at terminals featuring a progressive jackpot. All video keno terminals offering a progressive jackpot are linked together to a progressive jackpot pool. A small percentage of the wagers is set aside for the jackpot pool. At one point, a lucky player hits the jackpot, and the money accumulation starts all over. If you hear a loud ringing sound coming from the machine you play at, you may consider yourself lucky. That sound usually indicates that the jackpot has been hit.

However, it is important to note that you will be required to comply with certain requirements to qualify for the progressive jackpot. In most cases, players have to make a certain number of picks and place a certain wager.

To sum up, these are the most important steps to having an exciting, trouble-free video keno game in land-based settings: