Real Money Keno – The Lottery Genre Games Offering a Lot to the Players

Part of what makes real money Keno exciting is that it is relatively low-cost to play while offering a chance for huge rewards. On the other hand, before you decide to try out your best Keno strategies, you need to be aware of the scene in its entirety. In this expert article, you will find which are the most famous Keno games you can play for real cash, where to find them, and much more.

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Online Keno for Real Money Comes in Different Variants

Regardless of the software developer and online casino that offers any Keno title, the gaming principle is the same – when a player loads the game, a “card” with 80 numbers will be presented in front of them. They will make a selection of up to 10 numbers, and once they are done, the game will select 20 different numbers from the card. Depending on the variant, the game will either release “balls” that will fall on the numbered card boxes or simply mark them with an “X”. The bottom line is that if the game marks the same numbers as the ones selected by the player, a payout might be produced.

Naturally, the size of the reward will depend on how many numbers a player has managed to predict correctly, as well as how many numbers they’ve decided to pick; for example, a successful prediction of five out of five will payout more than a five out of ten. In many ways, Keno is similar to Lotto and Bingo; however, it carries its own gameplay charm. While this genre’s most appealing point lies in its simplicity, different Keno variants tend to spice things up a bit by introducing additional rules, bonus features, or both. Below, we have analyzed some of the best online Keno for real money you can play today.

RTG Variant - A Bit “Extra”

RealTime Gaming keno game

This game made by the company RealTime Gaming (RTG) stands out with one very important modification – instead of 10 numbers, players can select up to 15! The game’s minimum betting limits (per one 20-number draw) is only $0.01; however, players can always go the maximum and spend $10 per draw. One of the best features of RTG’s Keno, is that players can choose to go through a number of consecutive draws one after the other. For example, this game allows for 1, 5, or 10 “autoplay” draws to be made.

As in many other cases, the payouts in this game will be determined by the number of selected numbers. For example, if a player decides to place a $1 bet on five numbers, three hits will have a multiplied reward of x2 (earning $2). For four correctly guessed numbers, the game will payout a x13 reward ($13), and if they manage to get a 5 out of 5, then the multiplier will be x800! If a person decides to play all 15 numbers, then they will need to guess a minimum of 7 numbers in order to receive a x12 reward. An interesting feature here is that if none of the numbers is guessed, the game would still give out a x2 reward! The largest reward that can be earned in this game is $50,000.

The Life Changing Wins of Rival’s Keno Games

Rival keno Jackpot Vegas

Considered to be another “non-classic” variant of the genre, this game produced by the company Rival Gaming also allows a maximum selection of 15 numbers. Just like with the previously mentioned Keno variant, players will be able to make 1, 5, or 10 consecutive draws, but what is different here are the betting limits. The minimum (per draw) wager here is $1, while the maximum - $25. Although the lowest payouts won’t be as big as those of the previously mentioned examples, a successful prediction of 15 numbers will grant a win of $250,000.

If that doesn’t feel good enough, you can always try Rival’s other variant – Vegas Jackpot Keno. The interesting thing here is that while the betting limits are the same, the rewards and the “numbers pick” aren’t. In this variant, players can select only up to 10 numbers; however, if they do manage to guess them correctly with the highest bet possible, they will be looking at a payout of $500,000! It isn’t difficult to see why this title is considered to be among the best online Keno for real money.

A Nostalgic Vibe of Microgaming’s Classic Game

If you’re into eight-bit sound fonts and a certain “nostalgic feel”, then Microgaming’s Keno is probably the one for you. While it allows a pick of up to 15 numbers, this particular game stands out with its lack of auto pick function, as well as autoplay. Probably one of the oldest games on our list, Microgaming’s title has a betting range between one and ten credits, with a maximum payout of 100,000 credits and an RTP rate of 94.4%! If you’re a beginner and you want to try to play Keno for real money, Microgaming’s title will probably be a good first choice for you.

Mascot Gaming Dominates with Amaterasu Keno

Mascot Amaterasu keno

Released in 2019, Amaterasu Keno is a prime example of the genre’s evolution. This game allows picks of up to 10 numbers, it has a betting range between 0.20 and 50 coins per draw, and a successful “ten out of ten” draw would yield a massive win of 5,000,000 coins. Naturally, an online casino’s chosen currency denomination would bring that number to a more reasonable value, but what will make it more interesting for the player is the winning multipliers and free games!

That’s right – the first three out of the 20 drawn numbers will be marked with a “golden ball”. If a player manages to land one, they will gain a x1 winnings multiplier; two golden ball hits will result in a x3 winnings multiplier, and if all three golden balls are hit, Amaterasu Keno will multiply a player’s wins by x5!

If the last drawn ball by the game turns out to be correctly predicted by the player, the game will grant five free games that will automatically run consecutively, using the player’s last numbers pick and bet amount. During free games, golden multiplier balls will also appear; however, this time, the multiplier values they will represent, will be x2, x6, and x10.

Are the Keno Games for Real Money Available for Mobile Play?

The short answer is yes; however, there is a bit more to that. Due to the fact that nearly all Keno games available today are made with the software developing platform Flash, compatibility with mobile operating systems, such as Android and iOS, has been virtually nonexistent. On the other hand, titles that were developed on HTML are fully supported by modern mobile devices, but the problem is that there are only a handful of titles that are available. Some of them include names like “Luck of the Bonus Keno” by GVG, “Instant Keno Multiplier” by Neogames, “Keno” by Inbet, and a few others.

Real Money Keno in a Live Dealer Environment

Considered to be rarer even than their mobile counterparts, Keno titles in a “live” environment are a joy to play if you manage to find them. Highly similar to lotto games, live versions of Keno are represented in the form of a live stream of a ball mixing machine, which draws numbered balls at a specific interval. Some live keno versions even have a dealer in place to announce the drawn numbers. Software developers that are known to produce live games for real money, include companies such as BetConstruct, Ezugi, and HollywoodTV. Online rumors speculate that live Keno is making a resurgence in the iGaming scene, promising the arrival of new live dealer titles in the near future.

The Software Developers That Allow You to Play Keno for Real Money

To be honest, almost every known developer of online casino gaming software has its own version of Keno; however, not all of them manage to capture the “spirit” of the game. Another factor to be taken into consideration is that regardless of how famous a software company is, their games might be considered to be “quite dated”, which allows newer companies to shine with their versions of the game. Here are a few of the most popular software developers of Keno you will find online today.

Rival Gaming
Rival gaming software developer of real keno

А software developer from Canada, Rival appeared on the iGaming scene in 2006. Specializing in RNG titles, this developer is renowned on the USA market as well as throughout many other countries worldwide.

RealTime Gaming
RealTime Gaming  software developer of real keno

Вith more than two decades of professional history, RTG has long been regarded as one of the initial pioneers of online casino software. Today, their software products are mostly known to players from the USA.

Microgaming software developer of real keno

Цonsidered to be the first online casino software developer in the world, Microgaming started back in 1994, and since then, it has become a household name for online gambling establishments everywhere.

Mascot Gaming
Mascot Gaming software developer of real keno

Иn 2010, Mascot entered the iGaming world with a running start, exampling exceptional affinity to designing and developing online casino software. Today, this Malta-based company is known to have produced one of the newest Keno titles online.

1x2gaming software developer of real keno

Тhis UK-based developer is renowned for producing a number of virtual sports, slots, instant win, and arcade games. It is also one of the few ones that offer online casinos more than five different Keno versions!

Casinos Offering Keno Action for Real Cash

If you’re asking where you can play Keno online for real money, the answer could be quite relative. 888casino, Red Dog Casino, Royal Panda, PlayAmo Casino – these and many other famous names come to mind when looking for a place to exercise your best keno strategies, and maybemake some wins. We should also mention that Keno’s popularity in smaller establishments is often overlooked, which is why you’re more likely to find the game in well-known brands.

If you are new to the genre but you’re eager to experience it, we wholeheartedly recommend that you try the simplest versions of the game before moving onto titles that offer any kind of advanced features (such as autoplay, bonus functions, etc.). Remember to check the betting limits because although this genre is known for its affordability, “high roller versions” aren’t visually that different from other Keno games, which can deplete your budget very quickly. In recent years, Keno has seen a massive surge of interest from the general online casino public – you might want to try it and see what all the fuss is about!