How to Win at Keno

If you have already read a bunch of articles emphasizing the high keno odds, the most relevant question you can raise is how to win at keno? Is it possible to overcome the high house advantage and make the best out of a keno playing session? By definition, keno is a game purely based on luck, but the truth is slightly different. A random number generator draws the winning numbers, and you must be the luckiest person on earth to hit all of them. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to catch them all to be a winner. If your main priority is to learn how to play keno and win, then you’d better continue reading. Of course, at one point, the incredible jackpots will capture your attention, and you will concentrate your efforts on hitting big wins. For the purpose, you have to prepare well in advance and work on improving your skills.

People who think that playing keno does not require any special strategy would hurry up to condemn any “how to win in keno” guide and call it unrealistic. However, they have probably never read first-hand tricks, applied by players who have already fulfilled the lifelong dream of all keno players and hit a massive jackpot. Let’s outline the foolproof methods that will give a precise answer to the question how to win keno games and improve your strategy.

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Keno Odds’ Secrets Revealed

Utilizing a keno strategy can boost your chances of turning a profit, but you have to play it smart. The key to winning at keno lies in the proper betting strategy. You have probably read tons of how to win at keno guides that urge you to switch to a game with a lower house edge and point that big keno wins happen once in a blue moon. That’s totally wrong. Keeping an ace up your sleeve guarantees you will not complete your keno session empty-pocketed. In this respect, you have to learn the details related to keno odds.

Keno Odds Explained

The most important thing is to come to terms with the fact that you can never overcome the house advantage. And you don’t have to. What you need to do is to exponentially increase your odds and become a winner. As we have mentioned earlier, even the most experienced keno players cannot predict all 20 numbers. The chances of achieving that are so slim that some casinos do not have a paytable for correct prediction of all 20 numbers.

From the realistic point of view, you choose 20 out of 80 possible numbers. Basically, if you select just one number of the keno card, your chance of winning is 1 in 4. In other words, you get $4 per every $1 wager you make, which means you turn a $3 profit. However, the longer you play keno, the more likely you are to lose. Don’t get us wrong. If the Lady Luck is on your side, there is nothing that can stay between you and the massive payouts. Still, you have to keep in mind that in the long term losses will prevail.

Depending on the casino you choose, you will have to compare your winnings against different pay scales. In general, the payouts are determined according to the risk-reward ratio. That approach makes sense, indeed. Let’s presume you pick one number on your keno card, and that number is among the 20 numbers drawn by the random number generator. In this case, you should expect a payout 3 for 1. If you make two selections and both numbers come up, your payout should be 12:1. If you pick 10 numbers and 6 of them come up, you will win more than someone who has picked 10 and caught 5.

The good thing about keno is that the action unfolds relatively slower as compared to the fast-paced Blackjack or slots. And this is yet another reason why you should not shy away from playing keno. The house gains in the edge but loses in efficiency. What most guides do not reveal is that the house edge is high but the efficiency measured in the amount of money you wager per second is really small. You can make multiple wagers at once so that a keno card can cost exactly as much as you want to spend on playing keno.

It is important to mention that the good money management is essential for prolonging your gambling session and making the most out of it. In keno, just like in the other casino games the rule never bet more than you can afford to lose is totally applicable. So, set your limit and stick to it even if you are winning.

Playing keno online comes with several major advantages. First of all, you don’t have to visit a land-based venue to play your favorite game. Second, online casinos offer better odds as compared to their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Land-based keno games usually offer a return between 60% and 80%. The house advantage of online keno games is considerably smaller, which further increases your chances of winning.

Your eventual winnings depend on the amount you would like to bet. For example, if you bet the maximum stake, select 15 numbers and hit them all, you can expect an overwhelming reward going up to $100,000. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to bet the highest possible stake to turn a great profit. You can place smaller wagers and still win overwhelming prizes. For instance, if you place a $1bet, select 10 numbers and all of them come up, your profit will be $1,800. Likewise, if you make a $10 wager and hit all ten numbers, your reward will be $18,000.

Progressive Keno Games

Keno Progressive Jackpot

If you are still wondering how to win at keno, you will be definitely interested in learning how to play progressive keno. Don’t you think there is a good reason why progressive jackpot games are so popular? You can find hundreds of players who have won millions from playing progressive jackpot slots and the good news is that keno provides you with that chance as well. You just need to find a game featuring a progressive jackpot. As the jackpot gets higher, the house advantage decreases. However, it is essential to figure out the requirements you have to meet for qualifying for a progressive jackpot as well as the amount that is up for grabs.

Prepare in Advance for Conquering the Jackpot

If you have ever dared to dream about winning a life-changing amount of money, then you can achieve it. Playing with progressive jackpot keno tickets takes you one step closer to receiving millions in winnings. However, before you join the group of players buying progressive jackpot tickets, you should be aware of the following.

Jackpot tickets are a bit more expensive than the regular ones. Playing with such a ticket poses a challenge to keep your bankroll in good condition. That’s why you need to make sure you have a sufficient amount of money in your casino account before you enter the battle for the mouthwatering rewards.

How to Play Keno and Win – the Ultimate Guide

Pick the Right Keno Numbers
Keno Numbers Picking

If you want to know how to win in keno, the most important skill to master is picking the right numbers. To be more precise, you need to know that playing with the highest stake and selecting the maximum numbers allowed does not guarantee you will hit the jackpot. Of course, the more numbers you select, the higher your chances of getting a consolation prize are. However, this “consolation prize” can be quite massive. It all depends on the keno strategy you employ.

Entrusting random tools and incomplete guides on how to win in keno can be a total waste of time, though. You’d better focus on the fundamentals of the keno game and adopt the tips you read so that they perfectly blend in your keno strategy. Don’t forget about the entertainment aspect of playing, though. Now, let’s move to the next essential tip of our “How to win at keno” guide.

Play for Fun Before You Switch to Real Money Mode
Don’t Forget About the Entertainment Aspect of Playing

As the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”. In other words, you’d better spend some time playing keno in demo mode. When you are confident in your skills, and you believe you have mastered the right betting technique, you can switch to real money play. During the practice period, you should learn how to optimize your odds and how to look for patterns. The latter is discussed at a later stage in the guide.

Most online casinos allow players to try the available games in demo mode. You don’t even have to create an account. Demo play enables you to polish your skills without exposing your bankroll to unnecessary risks. Keep in mind that mastering an effective keno strategy requires a lot of patience on your side. If you stumble upon a guide promising to help you learn how to win at keno in a few steps, simply discard it and focus on applying the tips included in our article. You will see that over the time, you will not even need a piece of paper to write down the drawn numbers. Things will simply take care of themselves.

Choose Your Online Casino Wisely

Keno is a luck-based game, but some casinos offer better odds than others. Choosing an online casino that offers high payout percentages reduces the house edge in your favor. Once you successfully turn the odds in your favor (to the extent that it is possible), you are one step away from winning a massive amount of money.

Don’t Pick Too Many Numbers

Playing with the maximum numbers allowed does not mean you will reap huge rewards. Various mathematical researches prove that choosing more than 10 numbers increases the odds in casino’s favor. The optimal solution is selecting no more than 5 or 6 numbers.

Play Consecutive Numbers
Some Numbers Come out More Often Than Others

You are advised to choose consecutive numbers. If you have watched several keno games, you must have noticed that some numbers come out more often than others. That pattern makes the perfect strategy for everyone who wants to know how to win at keno. It is simple and easy to apply, but its opponents say there is not a guarantee that choosing a series of consecutive numbers boosts your chances of winning. Still, those who apply it swear that consecutive numbers come out more often than non-consecutive ones. It seems you have to try it yourself and figure out if it works for you.

Choose Numbers that Come Out Often

If you do not want to pick consecutive numbers, you can maximize your chances of winning by opting for those that come out often.

Pick Numbers That Haven’t Come up Recently
Pick Numbers Based on Your Strategy

When you master the skill of “catching patterns” you will notice that some numbers do not come out as often as others. If you have been playing casino games for a while, you must have heard that after a series of losses, hitting the jackpot is just a matter of time. In other words, even if you pick numbers that are not drawn very often and experience a few losses, you should not give up. After all, there must be a good reason why the strategy is so popular among those who invest time and efforts in learning how to win keno.

You can also employ the opposite strategy and pick numbers that come out often. In both cases, you must have watched a decent number of consecutive drawings so that you have a better idea which numbers are regularly drawn and which are drawn once in a while. Experienced keno players define it as a pretty smart approach and claim that it is one of the essential strategies newbies need to learn.

Play with the Same Numbers Every Time
Pick up Your Favorite Numbers and Play Them Every Time

If you have ever played the lottery, you should not have any difficulties in learning how to win at keno. The game has few variations and is often referred to as the contemporary version of lottery except for a few “upgrades”. In keno, you don’t have to wait a week to find out whether you win or not. Drawings take place every couple of minutes. Anyway, you must have heard stories about lottery winners who have been playing the same numbers for years and all of a sudden, they hit a huge jackpot. Although realists would attribute that to fate or pure luck, others believe that sooner or later persistence is rewarded. So, if you are superstitious, pick up your favorite numbers and play them every time. No matter if you win or lose, you should never change the numbers you initially selected.

Apply the Round Robin Keno Strategy

The name Round Robin sounds a bit vague at first, but in reality, this is a quite straightforward approach best utilized with 20-card keno games. In brief, the Round Robin involves rotating sets of numbers that help you create a winning combination on each card.

Let’s presume you select 6 sets of numbers and each set consists of 2 or 3 numbers. Each card you play consists of 3 sets of numbers you created. Then, you start to create each card by taking the 6 sets of numbers and grouping them. You can do that by generating each and every combination of 3 out of 6 possible.

Realize the Importance of Money Management
It's Important to Manage Your Bankroll Properly

The sooner you realize how important it is to manage your bankroll properly, the better. Set your spending limits and stick to them. If you strike it lucky, you might be tempted to continue playing, but having the discipline to remain within the limits you have previously set will pay off. It is essential to set limits that are neither too high nor too low so that you don’t have difficulties in staying within them. Likewise, you are advised to buy tickets you can afford and do not let the emotions of a win or a loss take over.

Buy Combination Keno Tickets

The recommendation to buy combination tickets contradicts with the above tip to mind your bankroll and buy cheaper tickets. However, if you do the math, you will see that combination tickets are less expensive, especially if you are planning to play more than one keno games. If you are going to play several games and you buy a regular ticket for each game, you will pay more as compared to the price of the combination ticket.

Look for Patterns
Keeping an Eye on the Patterns

That’s one of the essential skills you need to master if you want to learn how to play keno and win. A number of keno experts claim that the numbers are inter-connected. In other words, they move in cycles, and you just need to be super observant and look for the dominant patterns. Keeping an eye on these patterns is the base on which you can build up your strategy. Although the “pattern” thing works better in the live casino world, you can learn how to win keno in online settings as well. The difference is that in online games, you control the start of the game. Regardless, if you watch a number of keno games, you will inevitably notice a pattern – some numbers are hit more often than others.

It seems that it takes a bit of a learning curve to find out how to win at keno. The above-mentioned winning tips have proven themselves effective, and you just have to figure out which of them works best for you. Last but not least, don’t get too absorbed in employing a complex winning system or you risk missing all the fun keno is associated with.