Caveman Keno

Caveman Keno is one of the most beloved keno variations, and the good news is that it is widely available in both land-based and online casinos. We have previously reviewed Cleopatra keno that can be found predominantly at land-based gambling hubs, but you will not have any issues with finding an online casino offering Caveman keno.

Every casino game variation comes with its own specific features that make it stand out from the rest and boost your chances of getting a sweet payout. However, before you make it to the jackpot, you do need to think of a Caveman keno strategy and adjust your playing technique to the game itself.

If you are determined to master the right playing technique and get one step closer to becoming the next jackpot winner, keep reading and get familiar with the essence of the game. You will also find useful tips shared by oldtimers who have played all keno variations you might think of. Their recommendations are based on their vast experience and years of more or less successful attempts to beat the odds, so you have every reason to trust them. Now, let’s proceed to the game’s basics.

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How to Play Caveman Keno - Caveman Keno Tips

As you know, keno is a lottery-style game, and Caveman keno falls into the same category, but a few exceptions apply. In conventional keno, you choose your numbers and wait for the random number generator to determine the winning ones. Despite the high house advantage keno is notorious for, solid winnings do not happen once in a blue moon. In point of fact, keno is among the games that allow you to become a millionaire with a bet of a few pennies. Many players believe that mastering the technique of picking the correct numbers is the key to success. To a great extent, that’s true. If you are still not confident in your number picking skills, then, you are recommended to give Caveman keno a try. Here are the differences and similarities it has to conventional keno.

In Caveman Keno, the game unfolds in the following sequence:

Caveman Keno Is One of the Most Beloved Keno Variations

Caveman Keno Strategy - Learn Basic Caveman Keno Strategy

Conventional keno and all its variations are luck-based games. Therefore, a betting system that can promise an immediate return on your investment simply does not exist. Still, choosing random numbers and discarding the importance of utilizing a coherent strategy will not turn the odds in your favor. That’s why you’d better get familiar with the essentials that increase your chances of generating a good profit.

Caveman Keno Strategies

The biggest mistake you can do is to shy away from playing keno just because you have heard some terrifying stories about the high house edge. Assuming that you don’t have any chance to overcome the house advantage is a totally wrong approach. Every casino game, be it luck-based or skill-based provides players with numerous winning opportunities. However, you should always keep in mind that your chances of winning depend on the playing strategy you employ. For example, American roulette has a higher house edge as compared to the European version, but it does not mean players do not generate solid winnings. Likewise, Banker bets in Baccarat are known for the incredibly low house advantage, but without a proper strategy, you can hardly hit a substantial sum. In this regard, Caveman keno also requires you to establish a strategy and have a blast while reaping overwhelming rewards.

Online casinos are powered by different software providers. Although all Caveman keno games work on the same principle, you will find different paytables at the different casinos. That’s why you are advised to get familiar with the payback of your casino of choice before you start wagering.

Caveman Keno Multiplier Explained

Since the multiplier is what sets Caveman keno apart from the other variations, we consider it useful to give you more information about it. What players like about the game is namely the bonus system as well as the fact that it offers many chances to increase your earnings. Depending on the casino you choose, you can get the whopping ten playbacks. Even those folks who do not have the slightest idea of how to play keno can get a multiplier. Caveman Keno allows you to place your wager, sit back and let the Lady Luck take care of the rest.

The Multiplier Is What Sets Caveman Keno Apart from the Other Variations

As you have already read, the game will randomly select three spots you have not picked, and the selected numbers will be substituted for dragon eggs on your screen. If at least one of the 20 drawn numbers matches a dragon egg spot, you win a sweet reward. Bonuses are tailored to be a nice entrance into the game, and Caveman keno is not an exception Admit it that you are more likely to try out a game that offers something for free. If you manage to make the most out of your bonus, you may rest assured you will be able to generate handsome profits without exposing your bankroll to considerable risks. The three numbers selected by the random number generator are pretty much what the game is based on. They provide you with an opportunity to get astonishing rewards.

If you have taken your time to check out some Caveman keno tips online, you must have lucked into reviews written by keno enthusiasts who define it as the variation featuring the best bonus system you will ever find in online and land-based casino establishments. If you have experienced that carefree feeling after a big win, and you are impatient to experience it again, include Caveman keno in your list of must-try games. To sum up, your winnings depend on the utilization of a proper strategy, as well as on your luck. No matter if you are an old hand in playing keno or you have a handful of games in your gambling biography, these tips maximize your chance to get the lucky break.