Super Keno Analysis – Simple Gameplay and Lucrative Possibilities

Industry experts state that Super Keno was launched for the first time in 2017. Its relatively simple design, and smoothly operating mechanics not only made it popular among Keno enthusiasts worldwide, but also gave it a serious competitive edge among other titles from the same genre. Created and released by the iGaming software developing company KA Gaming, this Keno title is incredibly entertaining, and easy to play. Before trying out Super Keno online, read our review and find out why it is one of the most preferred games of the genre to this day. If you already have a Keno strategy in mind, and you want to try it out, our information will prove useful to you!

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Tutorial – How Do You Play Super Keno Online?

Super Keno Tutorial

Here is something you don’t hear in the iGaming industry every day - Super Keno is a game that is easy to master! The main principle of the Keno genre is to guess which numbers will be drawn once the round has started. The guessing itself is done by picking from 1 to 10 numbers on an interface containing 80 numbered boxes. Much like a lottery game, any drawn numbers that match the ones picked by the player, will produce a win. If that doesn’t make sense, here is a playthrough of a single round, step by step.

Naturally, if a player hasn’t guessed a single number, the game won’t pay anything. You can initiate a draw again (at the cost you’ve previously specified), or you can “clear” your pick, and select a different sequence of numbers. Super Keno provides you with the perfect playground to test out your best Keno strategies, without confusing you with any complex or convoluted features and mechanics.

The Most Common Super Keno Strategies That Work

Every online casino player would like to increase their chances of winning a prize, and it’s no different when playing Super Keno online. When it comes to the best tactic, there is never a particular one that works best. Still, it’s a combination of several things that might tip the scales in your favor. Although there are many arguments online that diminish the usefulness of a good Keno strategy, our experts have found the benefits of using several ones, when testing Super Keno out.

The Numbers Tactic

When creating your pick, it’s always a good idea to start off with a selection between two and three numbers. Of course, the fewer numbers you have in your pick, the smaller your reward will be, even if you hit all of them. This particular tactic is highly recommended for beginner players who are not only learning the game, but are starting to come up with their own gameplay style.

The Pattern Strategy

This is perhaps the most commonly used strategy there is, and it is done by drawing out a pattern on the board by selecting specific numbers. The patterns can be condensed in a specific sector on the board, or scattered around it. Usually, the more “ground” a pattern covers, the better the chance will be for the player, when the game starts generating numbers. One thing to note, however, is that the pattern strategy works best when a selection of all 10 numbers is made.

The Betting Strategy

In addition to making small picks, players are also advised to make small bets! Since no one has an infinite bankroll, the value of how much you want to spend on a round, will also determine how many rounds you can play. Logically, the more rounds you’re capable of going through, the better your chances will be of scoring a reward. This strategy works for all picks – if you choose a lot of numbers, bet small; however, if you wish to increase your bet, then select only a few numbers.

The Most Common Super Keno Strategies That Work

Super Keno Has Minimal Features and Mechanics

Although KA Gaming have not officially released information regarding the matter, we managed to learn that the Super Keno RTP rate is 95%. This is considered “better than satisfactory”, which is another reason why the game is so popular. If we put the almost minimalistic design aside, the only visual complexity comes from the game’s few interface control buttons. They are New Bet, Clear, Quick Pick, Play, and Max Bet.

In addition to the main control interface buttons, there are two additional ones, situated in the top corners of the screen. One will serve as a shortcut to other games made by KA Gaming, while the other will allow a player to control the game’s sound (on/off), enable the game in full-screen mode, browse other games, or view the history of their session.

Placing a Bet and Understanding Payouts Is Easy

Placing a Bet and Understanding Payouts

Once you click on the New Bet button, you will have the chance to choose between $0.50 and $2,000! The maximum bet amount is truly surprising to many fans of the Keno genre, mainly because this lottery-like game is usually considered to be “low-risk”. Bear in mind that although the game does list that it supports such a large bet, it’s the online casino that offers the game that will determine whether or not the maximum value will go even over $100.

When you choose your bet and start creating your pick of numbers, you will notice that the paytable on the left side of the screen will start showing money prizes. The table will generate those sums based on how much you’ve decided to spend per draw, and the size of your pick. For example, if your pick is 1 of 10 at a bet of $1 and the draw falls on your selection, you will earn a prize of $3.80. If you bet the same amount of money but go with a 10 of 10 pick, and be lucky enough to draw all of them, you will be looking at a prize of $10,000!

This is definitely a lot of money, especially if you’re someone who is used to “low-roller” action. On the other hand, if you’re someone who can afford to spend $2,000 per round, a successful 1 of 10 pick, will give you a prize of $7,600! Here is the real kicker – if you manage to predict everything from a full pick (10 of 10), the ultimate prize of Super Keno is going to be $20,000,000!

Game Speed Control and Automation

One of the small drawbacks of the game, is that it doesn’t have an autoplay function. While other Keno titles in the iGaming world have proven that an autoplay mechanic can be essential to someone’s gameplay, we believe that KA Gaming have deliberately left it out, as a means to prevent accidental overspending. With that being said, players will be able to process a single draw from start to finish in approximately 6 seconds. The lack of a speed setting here is also something we would like to see changed, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something you can do about it. If you hit the start button and immediately hit stop, the draw will complete in a mere 2 seconds!

Gameplay History – Super Keno Keeps Records of Your Entire Session

The history feature of Super Keno is one of the best ones in the game! It’s not only useful, but is particularly essential to players who want to create their own Keno strategy, and analyze their own playstyle. Every single round that is played, can be accessed from the “game result” tab. Some of the details you will review, are:

Gameplay History

Fully Compatible with All Mobile Devices

There is nothing better than to be able to exercise your Keno strategy on a mobile device. KA Gaming have superbly optimized Super Keno to work on all types of Android and iOS-based tablets and smartphones! If you’re in it for the mobile experience, you have to know that there is practically no difference between the computer and the mobile version of the game, except for one – the way it looks. Super Keno has a custom-designed interface for both portrait and landscape mode, so everyone can have the freedom to experience the game in their favorite screen orientation.

Exercise and Develop Your Strategy Here

Super Keno online is deemed to be remarkable for two types of casino players – beginners, and high rollers. Experienced players with a limited budget might want to benefit from an additional type of Keno bonuses, which aren’t present here. On the other hand, Super Keno doesn’t need more bonuses and extras in order to make it special. The game is already perfect in what it wants to present, especially for people who want to try out their best Keno strategies. Some online casinos even offer it in demo mode. If you have the chance to try it out, make sure you do – you will definitely love it!