Best NETELLER Casinos - An E-wallet Service Provider with a Lot of Perks

NETELLER gained the reputation as being one of the best e-wallet service providers worldwide, which is why today it is incorporated in a variety of if online shops and Internet gambling websites. This payment method was started in 1999 in Canada, and a few years later, the brand migrated its base of operations to the Isle of Man.

NETELLER's wide availability is what made its popularity grow quite exponentially, and its expanded compatibility with different platforms has made it quite incorporable in an exceptional variety of online casinos. Today you will learn not only which are the best NETELLER casinos out there, but also how to properly utilize this method when performing deposits or withdrawals.

First Steps before Visiting Casino Sites That Accept NETELLER

Using NETELLER as your preferred online banking method

Suppose you plan on making deposits and withdrawals in your casino account by using NETELLER as your preferred online banking method. In that case, the first thing you will need to do, is to register an account on the platform itself. The initial registration form will request users to fill in their names, email, and preferred password. After choosing their country of residence and preferred currency, the registration procedure will move onto step two.

In the second main step of the overall process, the NETELLER platform will provide you with access to the website's initial interface that will offer its newly registered members to the platform. There, people will be able to see some of the main services offered by the e-banking website - pay online, buy/sell crypto, send money, or get a Net+ card.

Before using any of these services, a user will be required to complete their account registration. After clicking on any of the visible buttons, the website will display a message that contains a link to the page for the final step. There, users will need to fill in additional personal details such as a home address, city, postal code, date of birth, and phone number. Once these details are filled, a special account verification code will be sent to the user's phone number, prompting them to finish their registration.

When the user has successfully completed this step as well, they can fund their newly opened account via any regular debit or credit card and even use a bank transfer.

Very Solid Platform Security Measures

The SCA protocol

The data and information exchanged between the users and the financial platform feature the highest encryption level known in the financial services industry. NETELLER states that the encryption itself is "military-grade". Although this e-wallet service provider is renowned for the safety measures it takes, it employs an additional method of protection, which is called "Strong Customer Authentication" (or SCA).

The SCA protocol was established by European regulatory bodies, in order to give e-wallet users an additional layer of protection. This means that occasionally, NETELLER will send a special six-digit code to a user's phone number or email address that needs to be input before a sign-up can be completed. An SCA prompt can also occur when a user has already logged into their account but is trying to make any type of transfer.

All NETELLER Taxes and Fees Determined by the Different Features

Opening an account in NETELLER is free; however, this is perhaps one of the very few operations that won't be taxed with a fee. On the other hand, some deposit operations will be taxed 2.5% of the transferred amount. Some withdrawal operations will be charged either a percentage of the transfer, a flat fee, or both. If one type of currency needs to be converted to another, then additional charges may be incurred by the payment platform as well. Since the brand offers various financial services, there will be a variety of other fees that may or may not be implemented, depending on the customer's account status.

The Payment Method Used in Online Casinos

After you've created your account, all you have to do is navigate to the cashier page of your favorite casino. Simply choose NETELLER as your deposit method, input an amount that is equal to, or above the minimum deposit limit set by the casino. When you've confirmed this action after logging in to the NETELLER system, your casino balance will be funded, as the transfer from the e-wallet to the gambling platform is instantaneous. Casino sites that accept NETELLER usually support this option for both deposits and withdrawals, although there might be some exceptions.

On the other hand, the process of withdrawing any winnings to your e-wallet will happen more or less in the same way as deposits are made. Select NETELLER as a withdrawal method, specify the amount you want to withdraw, and that's pretty much it - the only thing left, is to wait for the funds to arrive in your e-wallet account. The popularity of this online banking method is what makes it preferred by online casino brands such as 888, Royal Panda, Mr Green, Ruby Fortune, Red Stag, and many others; in fact, this popular e-wallet banking method is supported by more than 80% of the online casinos that exist worldwide.

Pros and Cons of NETELLER as a Banking Method

No e-wallet service provider today is perfect, which is why you can expect NETELLER to have some drawbacks among its numerous advantages. To give you a better overview of what to expect when using this banking method, we have compiled a list of the most popular positive and negative traits of using this e-wallet.

  • NETELLER is supported in more online casinos than PayPal
  • Supports 30 currencies, including cryptocurrency
  • Instant deposit speed
  • NETELLER offers a variety of financial services
  • A progression system allowing users to upgrade their accounts.
  • Online casino bonuses are often excluded for deposits made with NETELLER
  • Non-uniform availability; in some cases, NETELLER is available only for deposits or withdrawals
  • A varying fee percentage for both deposits and withdrawals
  • Relatively slow waiting times

Beneficial VIP Tiers of NETELLER

By performing deposits or withdrawals or any operations involving cryptocurrency, the rank of a NETELLER account holder will grow. There are five VIP tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Exclusive. In order to upgrade to the next rank, the account holder needs to transfer a specific sum of money to an online merchant, per quarter.

Once a user has made it to the top tiers of the VIP ladder, they will benefit from exceptional benefits such as personal VIP account managers, discounted deposits and withdrawals, increased withdrawal limits, reduced or completely removed transfer charges, and much more. Since depositing to an online casino account is technically considered as a "transfer to a merchant", every piece of currency that is moved in such a way will count towards the growth of a user's VIP account. Playing in the best NETELLER casinos proves to be more than beneficial for the user!

The Origins of the NETELLER Payment Platform

Neteller Payment Platform

Although NETELLER started out as its own separate business entity, through the evolution of the brand, it was later acquired by financial tech giant "Optimal Payments PLC", which was later renamed to Paysafe Group. If this name sounds familiar, it is because it belongs to the same conglomerate that owns paysafecard, Skrill, and of course - NETELLER.

Today, this e-wallet service provider continues to exist next to its "sister banking methods ". With more than 20 million users worldwide, NETELLER continues to be a popular choice for shoppers and online casino players everywhere.


Is There a Way to Use My NETELLER Funds If the Casino Doesn't Support E-Wallets?

There most certainly is, and it comes in the form of the Net+ prepaid Mastercard by NETELLER. Every client of the e-wallet platform will have the chance to order their free Net+ debit card and use it to make online payments or withdraw money from any ATM that supports the Mastercard standard.

Can You Help Me Find the Account Verification Option?

It's very important to mention that when you've created your NETELLER account, you will be able to see the verification option only after you've performed a deposit or have received money from a different source. We should mention that the limits of the account will be determined by the use of the platform's features.

Why Is A Sum Missing, After Not Having Used My Account for a While?

NETELLER charges a flat fee of $5 (or currency equivalent) per month, as an upkeep fee for the account; however, this fee is started after a user has not used their account for more than 12 months. That fee will only be deducted from the e-wallet balance and will not affect any cards or bank accounts that are linked to your NETELLER.