EcoPayz Casinos – A Universal Banking Option for Online Gambling Platforms

EcoPayz Casinos

When it comes to performing online payment solutions worldwide, ecoPayz is a name that often comes out in the iGaming industry. Providing services to both individuals and businesses, this particular banking option was quickly incorporated in many online casinos, due to the convenience and safety of the payment method. ecoPayz was launched in 2000, and since then, it has created many financial products and services that include a digital wallet, prepaid cards, virtual prepaid cards, and contactless payment solutions. In today's review guide, you will learn more about the banking method itself, as well as see which are some of the most famous ecoPayz casinos out there

Where to Start before Using ecoPayz at Your Favorite Online Casino

EcoPayz has a simple registration

EcoPayz is a payment platform that requires users to have an "ecoAccount". In order to use any of the financial products or services of ecoPayz, casino players can easily (and for free) register on the platform's original website. In the first step of the registration process, ecoPayz will require that a person creates their original username and password. On that same registration page, Players will need to choose their country of residence, select a preferred currency, and set the language in which they would like to use the ecoPayz interface.

On the main page of the platform, applicants will also fill in personal information such as their full names, birthday details, address, and phone number. A very interesting factor here, is that just before a person enters the CAPTCHA code and accepts the platform's terms and conditions in order to finalize their registration process, there will be a drop-down menu box that will also require applicants to select one of the many options that depict a source of income.

Navigating within the Platform for the First Time

Once you've registered, the ecoAccount interface will remind you of a generic and easy to use online banking interface. On the left side of the dashboard, you will have options that will allow you to manage depositing funds, perform transactions, view transaction details, and so on. On the right side, members will have a more general overview of their account's status.

Activation Is Required for Using the Full Features

Before transferring even a single unit of currency, account holders will need to submit additional personal information. This will be done in two stages - in the first, a page will be displayed asking every new ecoPayz member to select their nationality, employment status, employment role, and the industry in which they are employed. The second stage will require members to send copies of legal documents that verify their address and identity. The type of these documents will vary based on a person's nationality.

There Are Multiple Account Levels

EcoPayz offers a VIP program

The ecoPayz platform has a type of a VIP loyalty program that allows its members to progress through several types of account statuses. These ecoAccount levels are as follows - Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Depending on which ecoAccount level a member is, they will benefit from improved versions of the platform's features. Members will be able to progress through the tier-based system by making deposits and withdrawals within the platform. There is one exception, however, that applies to the first time a member upgrades their level - to rise from Classic to Silver, members will simply need to verify their account.

Easy to Use When Making Financial Transfers

While it has moderate complexity, the payment platform isn't difficult to use; however, if you have minimum knowledge about any online banking platforms, it will significantly shorten your acclimation time to it. If, on the other hand, this is your first time using such a service, you don't need to worry as the ecoPayz platform provides interactive tips and hints that will help you understand the dashboard's functions and navigate through it with ease.

If you would like to use ecoPayz to make a deposit into your online casino account, the process is pretty straightforward. After navigating to the payment section of any casino, select ecoPayz as your preferred deposit method. The casino payment system will require a player to specify the amount they want to deposit, and that's pretty much it. Deposits done via ecoPayz will be completed in an instant - which is also one of the reasons why many online casinos prefer this platform.

For the initiation of a payout procedure via ecoPayz, online casino players will simply need to navigate to the withdrawal section of the gambling platform. Bear in mind that withdrawals from an online casino to your ecoAccount will take a bit longer, as the transferring procedure needs to be verified in specific ways. We should mention that although the ecoPayz platform supports both deposit and withdrawal functions, some online gambling establishments will only allow it as a depositing method.

There Might Be Some Fees and Charges

While some of the financial services of ecoPayz are free of charge, the majority of the transfers that are performed will have some type of a fee. Deposits to online merchant websites (such as online casinos) have been listed to be taxed either a percentage from the transaction or a flat fee. The type and value of any fees will be determined by the type of deposit or withdrawal a person is going to make.

The ecoPayz Platform Is Licensed and Highly Secure

EcoPayz has a license by Mastercard

First and foremost, ecoPayz is defined as a "principal member" of Mastercard, meaning that the company can issue branded or unbranded cards for their own business purposes. In addition to being licensed by Mastercard International Incorporated, the company that owns and operates ecoPayz (IPS Solutions Ltd.) is authorized to perform its financial services by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

When it comes to security, the ecoPayz platform displays an "SSL Secure" seal on its dashboard interface, and also specifies that 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption protocols protect the entire system. The servers that contain the personal information of all ecoPayz members are said to be stored in a highly secure location, which is physically separated from the platform's main hardware systems. In addition to that, ecoPayz utilizes its own in-house developed anti-fraud technology to protect its members' data even further.

The ecoPayz Casinos Are Many

With so many features offered by the platform, it doesn't come as a surprise that ecoPayz is one of the most preferred e-banking methods used by online casinos worldwide. Additionally, this payment options provider is known to be relatively lax when it comes to online gambling. With that in mind, both large and small online casino brands employ the payment platform's services, such as: Royal Panda, 888casino, Ruby Fortune, Spin Palace and many others.

The Many Pros and the Few Cons of ecoPayz

This platform is used by millions of people worldwide; it operates in more than 150 countries and supports 45 currencies. Although this e-banking brand has such a large business span, it will still have its inherent advantages and drawbacks, although the benefits are much more present than the disadvantages. In retrospect, this is another important reason why so many online casinos decide to incorporate ecoPayz within their payment systems. With that in mind, here are the most common pros and cons of ecoPayz.

  • An incredible plethora of financial services
  • Instant deposits to online casino accounts
  • An account progression system with many benefits
  • Rewards and promotions for using ecoPayz
  • Has virtual cards and e-vouchers
  • Numerous, and sometimes high fees
  • Card products are limited to a small number of countries
  • Repeated verifications might be required for withdrawals


What Are Some Good Tips to Keep My ecoPayz Account Safe?

One of the most important tips, is to use a secured computer or mobile device to access your ecoAccount from. Keeping your log in details to yourself is also important - especially your password. Speaking of which, ecoPayz advises its members to regularly update their passwords just to be extra safe. Last but not least, is to make sure that you always sign out of your account!.

I Used a Bank Wire Transfer, but My Money Hasn't Shown in My ecoAccount Yet - What Happened?

Similar to an online casino account, transfers that are made to ecoPayz will be subjected to different transfer times. For example, if a member uses a credit or debit card to fund their ecoAccount, the money will appear instantly; however, using any type of bank wire methods, will take approximately from one to four days.

Are There Any Downloadable ecoPayz Apps I Can Use to Deposit into My Online Casino Account?

Most certainly. The platform has released an application in a downloadable form that can be acquired from Apple's and Google's popular web shops. The apps themselves feature the full plethora of features like the ones present in the desktop version of the payment platform, allowing you to fund your online casino account with your preferred mobile device.


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