Best Credit Cards Casinos – A Full Guide to Using These Payment Options

Credit Card Casinos

Ever since the American Express corporation released its first plastic credit card in the early 1970s, credit card payment methods have become widespread throughout the world. Today, some of the most popular credit card brands are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. With over 3.3 billion users worldwide, Visa is clearly the most popular and widely accepted payment card in the world, followed (not so closely) by Mastercard (with approximately 1 billion users) and then by American Express (about 110 million users). In today’s article, we will fully explore the specifics of this financial transfer method, as well as list some of the best credit cards casinos today.

A Credit Card Differs from a Debit Card

Difference between credit and debit cards

There is one fundamental difference between a debit and a credit card, and it concerns the ownership of the money you’re accessing. For example, if you decide to make a deposit in an online casino by using your credit card, the money will essentially be a type of “loan” from the bank that has issued it - which must be returned at a later time. The debit card, however, accesses a person’s savings account, and transfers the money from there. Credit cards will have a particular limit which will be set by the bank that has issued them. At the same time, the limitations of the debit plastic will depend on how much money you have saved up in your bank account.

Getting a Credit Card for Online Casino Payments

Credit card for online payment

If you would like to receive a credit card, all you have to do is choose a bank and open an account there. In order for you to be issued a credit card, you will need to essentially apply for a special loan program. After you’ve been approved, the bank will issue a credit card in your name, with a number of unique features. When you have your plastic, you can use it to shop in retail stores, as well as make payments online, which include casino deposits as well.

Deposits and Withdrawals in an Online Casino

Deposits and Withdrawals

Funding your online casino balance is as simple as shopping for goods and services. Once you’ve accessed your account’s cashier section, one of the first things the platform will ask you for is to select the brand of credit card you’re using. After making the selection, you will be required to specify the amount you would like to transfer, as well as input your unique 16-digit credit card code, the card’s expiration date, as well as your full name.

Bear in mind that in some cases, an online casino will request of its members to send copies of personal documents in order to make sure that the person that is using the credit card is also its owner. Usually, after the first verification, a casino won’t require its members to verify their cards before each deposit. The process of withdrawing your online casino winnings isn’t that much different from the deposit method; however, the gambling establishment might require additional identity and cardholder verification before initiating a payout.

Transfer Times Will Vary for Deposits and Withdrawals

When it comes to funding your account, performing a deposit will happen immediately after you’re done filling in your details. If we are talking about withdrawals, however, things might seem a bit slower. The previously mentioned withdrawal verification procedure will take some time. The majority of online casinos today can take up to 3 days just to process your payment request, while the financial transfer process may take up to 5 - 10 business days.

Watch Out for Fees

We should mention that first and foremost, the majority of the best online casinos that exist today will not impose any fees, regardless of whether you’re depositing or withdrawing money. Those establishments that do charge a transaction usually do so at a percentage of the requested amount or a flat fee. Even if your favorite online casino doesn’t ask you for payment for the financial transfer, your banking service provider might do so.

Getting a Bonus When Playing at Credit Card Casinos

As the most popular payment method in the online casino industry, credit card use is promoted by nearly all iGaming operators. What this means is that an online casino will make most, if not all, of its bonuses compatible with credit cards. In other cases, it will be an actual requirement - if a member cannot make a deposit with the use of a credit card, they won’t be able to benefit from that particular bonus offer. Some of the most famous casinos that have been known to provide credit card bonuses are: Casumo, Royal Panda, 888casino, Bovada, LeoVegas, Miami Club.

Tips for Making Safe Online Casino Deposits

Safe Online Casino Deposits

The details of every credit card are unique and will need to be safeguarded by the holder at all times. Before making a deposit in any online casino, make sure that the website is secured by verified SSL encryption protocols that guarantee that any information exchanged by the casino member and the platform will not be intercepted by a malicious third party. Such information is considered to be public knowledge, and if an online casino refuses to provide you with their security credentials, you shouldn’t be making any deposits there. Remember to properly guard your credit card information!

Also, you can easily check if the operator you’re visiting is encrypted by looking for a lock icon in the address bar of your web browser. This icon should be clickable and sits to the left of the website’s URL.


Visa and Mastercard credit cards are easily the most recognizable brands in the financial world, which is why nearly 100% of casinos on the planet accept them. In fact, some operators don’t take any other form of payment, including debit cards which can be issued under the same brands as the credit plastics! The fact that the funds from a credit transaction come from the bank itself rather than from an individual assures the iGaming platform that the funds are legitimate and real. Whether you like to use a credit card or not comes down to your personal preference; however, it will still remain as the most popular online casino banking method for years to come!


Can I Get Refunds at Credit Cards Casinos If I Deposited More than I Intended?

Sadly, in the majority of cases such a refund might not be possible. In some rare events, however, an operator will first examine a player’s request for a refund, and if the member hasn’t spent a single unit of currency, a refund might be permitted. Bear in mind that any potential refund will adhere to the same rules as a withdrawal procedure, meaning that any possible fees might be incurred, and the transfer times for the funds will be as described by that particular online casino.

Why Can’t I Use Credit Cards at Online Casinos?

In certain countries — most notably Great Britain — users are banned from making casino deposits with credit cards. This measure was implemented by the UK government and the UKGC to tackle problem gambling, as using credit cards enabled players to gamble with money they didn’t have. Thus, it would be wise to check if credit card use is allowed for online casino banking in your jurisdiction, although cases like the UK are still quite rare.

I Am Having Trouble Making a Credit Card Casino Deposit/Withdrawal – What Should I Do?

If you’re sure that you haven’t maxed out your credit card and the issue lies with the casino platform in question, the best course of action to take is to contact their customer support team. Every online casino gambling establishment has a financial department, where agents are trained to handle any sort of situation you might be experiencing when performing a deposit or a withdrawal.